Chemetics overview

Innovative process technology solutions for worldwide markets.

Chemetics is a process technology-based engineering design group providing products and services including engineered systems, proprietary and non-proprietary equipment, consulting services, as well as complete systems and plants.

Supplying state-of-the-art acid and chemical technology to the process industries, Jacobs provides:

  • Concept and feasibility studies
  • Engineering & design
  • Hazard & operability studies
  • Procurement of equipment & materials
  • Supply of proprietary equipment packages
  • Supply of complete plants
  • Plant commissioning & operator training
  • Technical service & support
  • Supply of spare parts

We serve customers in the pulp and paper, chemical, fertilizer, and base metal smelting industries worldwide. With a primary office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and a new and modern fabrication facility in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, Jacobs has been designing and fabricating custom shell and tube heat exchangers and process equipment for the sulfuric acid, nitric acid, petroleum, and chemical industries for more than 50 years.



Specializing in chloralkali plants.

Jacobs' depth of experience in the design and supply of chloralkali chemical plants dates back to the 1970s. With extensive know-how in mercury, diaphragm, and membrane electrolyzer technologies, we provide solutions for membrane conversion projects, plant modernizations, and capacity expansions, in addition to modular and greenfield plant projects.

We consider the brine system to be a key element of a modern membrane-cell chloralkali plant, and we maintain a working brine system model to optimize the brine treatment process for a variety of salt sources.

Jacobs' patented sulfate removal system (SRS) technology can dramatically reduce brine purge volumes or eliminate the use of barium sulfate removal and the associated barium sulfate disposal issue, while our sulfuric acid reconcentration systems can recycle spent acid from chlorine drying systems for economic and environmental benefit.


Plants types include:

  • Chlorine
  • Sodium hydroxide
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sodium hypochlorite (including high strength hypo)

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Chlorine dioxide

Offering low cost solutions for chlorine dioxide.

Jacobs offers a low-operating cost integrated process for the production of chlorine dioxide without the importation, handling, or storage of sodium chlorate, sulfuric acid, methanol, or hydrogen peroxide feedstocks. Our integrated process requires only electricity, water, and chlorine/hydrochloric acid (typically from an existing or new chloralkali plant) to produce chlorine dioxide.

Jacobs' modern integrated process has been proven to produce chlorine dioxide with ultra-low chlorine levels to support ECF pulp bleaching.

Additionally, our integrated chlorine dioxide technology is being used by leading pulp mills as a means to gain a production cost advantage, balance chlorine/caustic demands at the bleach plant, and/or to avoid the dependence on external supply of feedstocks.


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Sodium chlorate

Leading sodium chlorate and process electrolyzer technologies.

Advancements in electrolyzer design and process technology have made Jacobs a leader in the sodium chlorate industry. In 1964 we introduced a new graphite electrode cell for sodium chlorate production and we have been improving our electrolyzer design and plant process technology ever since. 

With an electrolyzer that offers superior operability, efficiency, and longevity, and with our ongoing refinements to the chlorate production process, we're able to provide our clients innovations and efficiencies.

Jacobs also offers clients the skills and experience to refurbish and redesign other electrolyzer technologies to improve cell performance and operability, increase capacity, or to customize design to meet site specific requirements.

To date, Jacobs has supplied our clients more than 65 sodium chlorate plants with a combined production capacity of nearly 1,200,000 tons NaClO3 per year – more than any other sodium chlorate technology supplier.


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Sulfate removal system

Removing sulfate cost effectively.

Jacobs' patented Sulfate Removal System (SRS®) provides a cost effective method of removing sulfate ion from liquid brine streams. Within the SRS, a sulfate containing brine is pre-conditioned and then passed through our filtration elements to reject the sulfate, which is detrimental in many processes. Benefits of SRS include:

  • In chlorine plants, replacement of traditional sulfate removal methods such as barium precipitation or brine purging.
  • Dramatic operating cost reductions, either through complete elimination of the barium precipitation chemical or through recovery of valuable salt that would otherwise be purged.
  • Environmental benefits through reduced effluent volumes or elimination of the barium sulfate disposal issue.
  • Improved electrolyzer power consumption if barium is no longer used.

Jacobs delivers SRS as a complete skid mounted package including equipment, piping, instruments, and valves – all pre-assembled and pre-wired. The skid mounted supply simplifies integration of the SRS into the plant and minimizes onsite installation costs.

Dozens of SRS units are operating throughout the world and SRS is now considered to be the state-of-the-art method for sulfate removal.


Sulfuric acid technology

Delivering sulfuric acid solutions to a variety of customers.

For more than 30 years Jacobs has been providing design and technology solutions to the sulfuric acid industry. Clients in the nonferrous metallurgical, fertilizer and chemical industries around the globe come to us for engineering, equipment and commissioning of plants for sulfuric acid manufacturing and sulfuric and nitric acid concentration.

Supported by our research and development group, Jacobs maintains a leadership role in process technology, equipment design, and materials of construction, such as our strong acid corrosion resistant steel technology, SARAMET®, which can be incorporated into sulfuric acid plants.

Designed to meet our clients’ requirements, our plants and equipment are customized to fulfill a specific need.

Jacobs has been designing and building acid plants for decades and these plants incorporate our proprietary equipment designs. Find out more about our capabilities in acid plants.

Jacobs has developed a number of processes to purify and concentrate sulfuric and/or nitric acid from a variety of sources. Learn more about our capabilities in spent acid treatment

Jacobs developed a patented vacuum evaporation process that provides high heat transfer rates and large turndown capabilities. Read more about the sulfuric acid concentration process.

Jacobs develops equipment designs that provide superior performance, reliability and ease of maintenance for our clients. Learn more about the design options we offer for proprietary equipment for sulfuric acid plants. 


Our fabrication facility

Fabrication, welding, and machining facility.

Another service Jacobs provides is designing and fabricating sulfuric acid proprietary equipment as well as non-proprietary equipment. We have been custom designing and fabricating process equipment for more than 50 years. In 2009, Jacobs' new modern fabrication facility in Pickering, Ontario, Canada was specifically designed to fabricate large shell and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels, piping, and reactors.

Jacobs employs in-house metallurgists, technical service technicians, QA/QC staff, and engineers. We own specific manufacturing equipment required for our sulfuric acid equipment business. These items are not normally present in fabrication shops and allow us to offer exceptional quality at competitive prices to our clients. Our facility specializes in stainless steel, alloy and clad metal custom design and fabrication.

Prior historical company names under which Chemetics has fabricated equipment and continue to provide client support include Fromson Heat Transfer and CIL.

Jacobs designs and manufactures specialty equipment for the sulfur, chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper industries. Find out more about our capabilities in sulfuric acid plant equipment.

While our core internal competence is shell and tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels, Jacobs specializes in manufacturing equipment that other common shops find difficult. Find out more about our capabilities in other custom fabricated equipment.

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